Friday, September 25, 2015

Blood sugar levels chart for patients who needs it

When it comes to my lifestyle I believe I do things pretty well. I am not a role model that is for sure but I think, for the most part, I am a pretty good Diabetic.

I check my blood sugar 6-12 times a day, I watch what I eat and make sure that I account for all carbs that I put in my body, I exercise and go to the gym every opportunity that I can. For measuring blood sugar levels chart is use a blood sugar levels chart and compare my results. Here's additional  blood sugar levels chart for your consideration and your use. Blood sugar levels chart is particularly useful when you need it most - when assessing blood sugar levels. By using an accurate and up-to-date blood sugar levels chart you will do yourself a favour.

I think that sounds like a pretty good Diabetic.
Well, there is one area when I have not been doing very well: Doctors visits. I can honestly say, that is has been a year since my last visit to the Endo. I was seeing him every 3 months, getting my blood work done printing out my logs for him to review.

Well, like everyone else on this earth, especially us Diabetics, life happened. Work gets busy, kids have school functions, home life crises happen (like my divorce) and things start to take a back burner. Now, during the time where I was a very “good Diabetic” and was making all of my regular visits to my Endo, He really wasn’t telling me anything that I couldn’t see in my logs and wasn’t making any adjustments that I couldn’t see coming anyway. In fact, some of the changes he suggested, I had to suggested different changes due to the fact that I know better how I react to basal rate and insulin to carb ratio changes better than he knows when it comes to my body. So, what I am saying is that the only thing that I was truly getting out of the visits was finding out what my A1c was.

So, I know that I need to go and visit my Endo again soon (I am not arguing that) so I will be making an appointment for that soon. The thing I really need to look at is how often do I really need to be seeing my Endo if my numbers are staying in good ranges (other than the occasional explained / unexplained head scratchers) I am more than willing to go see him if I am having issues that I can not figure out myself or that I need something that only he can prescribe or explain, but if I am going to go in, pay my $20.00 copay and listen to him say, “things are looking pretty good. maybe we can adjust this a little here and a little here…” well, I think I can stretch my visits out to something a little further and ever 3 months.

I’d be very interested to hear how much help everyone’s Endo visits are for you. Maybe I am more of a minority in this view but I would love to hear others input and experiences on this.

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