Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Getting rid of love handles is no easy task

That's right. Love handles, or muffin top as certain people name them, are stored fat reserve that accumulated on your body due to excessive calorie intake. Love handles are in no way different than for example fat on your buttock, or fat on your stomach.

Is there a way to get rid of love handles?

Of course there is. In fact, healthiack has a nice article on how to get rid of love handles and NYtimes writes about love handles too - I suggest you read both articles thoroughly. It basically says that getting rid of love handles takes a lot of time and patience. In contrast to obtaining body fat losing body fat is no simple task. Many will give up before the end. But the main thing here is consistency. If you want to get rid of love handles you will need to work hard and be dedicated.

Here's a list of quick measures you can take in order to get rid of love handles (see below).
  1. start exercising regularly,
  2. eat more healthy food (and not shitty food),
  3. get some decent sleep (rest),
  4.  join a local gym.
While this are no miracle cures, they sure work if persistent.

What is the time-frame for this recipe to work?

Well, you need to accept the fact that results are not instant. On the contrary, results will come over weeks, maybe months. The important thing is not to give up in between. It is the same with antibiotics.

The most important thing that needs to change is patients attitudes toward antibiotics and medications in general. Doctors have already recognized that there need to cut back in the unnecessary use of antibiotics. Now patients need to change their attitudes towards drugs such as antibiotics.

Compliance is also the key 

Patients need to comply and finish their prescriptions despite how good they feel after taking a few doses. When a patient stops taking an antibiotic mid cycle they risk increasing the resistance of the remaining bacteria in their body. Non-resistant bacteria can even acquire resistance from other resistant bacteria. Secondly, patients should also recognize when they are prescribed a particular drug, it is for their particular infection, in their body, at that time.

Left over prescriptions should not be passed on to friends and family. Without a prescription these antibiotics are more likely to be used unnecessarily. Drug action doesn't have discretion between the "good" and "bad" bacteria in the body. Killing the bacteria of the "microbiome" can cause additional harm to the body but will aid in weight loss and getting rid of love handles.

Some attempt to blame obesity on something other than bad eating habits and horrible food additives. Some tend to gain weight on antibiotics. But unless you are on them non-stop, it's relatively easy to lose the few pounds again. Their effect on intestinal flora is well-known.

Lastly, patients should also not always expect to get some kind of prescription every time they visit the doctor's office. Although doctors know the consequences of over-prescribing, sometimes they succumb to patient pressures. Oftentimes rest and fluids is the best prescription, even if it seems as though it was a waste of time to come all the way to a doctor's office for them to tell you that.

So what to do?

Again, keep the pace up and don't give up. Love handles might not be the most visually appealing thing to see, but these are purely natural. At some point in love every individual will develop love handles because human organism is design to save energy for bad times when no food is at hand. This is more of a legacy mechanism from years ago when food was no in excess.

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