Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is it possible to hypnotize yourself?

Why would you hypnotize yourself?

Can you hypnotize yourself? Yes, it is possible. Totally possible. But why would anyone do this? Well, hypnosis is known to cure many problems, like depression, eating disorders, even insomnia. With hypnosis you connect to your inner self and become more aware and focused.

For many people, hypnosis is something unnatural. This is mostly due to the presentation of hypnosis in movies. Hypnosis is nothing unnatural at all. In fact, there is a great chance you have been hypnotized before, but you are not even aware of this. You don't agree? Here is a simple example. Remember when you watched that thriller and you didn't hear your brother or sister walk in the room because you were so focused watching the movie? Well guess what, you have been hypnotized. See? Hypnosis is nothing extra ordinary, just a state of mind / focus.

You were hypnotized before - but how can you hypnotize yourself consciously?

It's easy to hypnotize yourself, just follow the steps, describe on the hyperlink. Basically, all you need to do is to find a quite place / room where you will not be disturbed. The other thing you need is determination and faith in yourself. You cannot hypnotize yourself if you are skeptical. It's not possible because your mind must cooperate, otherwise there will be no results.

After you have found yourself a nice and cozy place find an object in the room and stare at it. It can be anything, from a dot on the wall or a small flower pot. Do not lose focus of it. Stare at it and repeat words like "I am going to fall asleep soon". Repeat that until you feel really comfortable. Once you reach this level you are in light trance. From here you have two choices. Either you wake up from hypnosis or you deepen your hypnosis. For a deeper hypnosis you will need to learn how to hypnotize yourself and induce a more intense hypnosis. If you decide to wake up this really isn't difficult. Simple decide to wake up and you will be fully awaken again. Remember, when under hypnosis you are in no way out of control. You mind still controls everything so there really is no reason why you would not wake up from a self-hypnosis.

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